Developing of new products

Developing of new products

Who doesn‘t like to develop products, which comply with the current and future costumer requests?
To achieve this goal, in the  concept phase you have already to know exactly what your costumers require and the demands of the market.

Please, use our know-how!

Through a detailed market- and branch analysis you will receive information which is oriented on your needs as well as relevant to your decisions. This information  covers the development of production-related branches or other related branches as well as concrete technical recommendations to conceptualize your products.

With the help of quality function deployment analysis (QFD) we will collect specifically the needs of your costumers. We will support you to create a questionnaire and will carry out costumer surveys. Further on we will perform the evaluation of the results and the implementation into the areas of activity.

How much should a product cost? – The controlling method “target costing”  puts emphasize on the maximal permissible costs at the beginning of the development phase. In order to determine the target costs it is necessary to determine the competitive market price ad the preferences of potential costumers.

Our consultants will evaluate concomitantly and objectively cost structures. They will analyze market- and costumer data. Doing this makes it possible to derive target costs. Our consultants bring actively in the development process their know-how and existing network.

Are you interested in a neutral project management or in coaching internal project managers? We are looking forward to answer your questions or requests.



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