Consistent R&D published in the VDMA brochure “industry 4.0 specific - solutions for industrial practice"

“Industry 4.0 requires not only changes in production processes, but also the redesign of processes in the field of product development.” (Dr. Lasch)


Through many years of experience in the development and the design of processes for innovation and product development Techniciency consulting defines the following four approaches to make a progress in the development.
1. All divisions give active input regarding creation of innovations
2. Requirements of product development and production control the company equally
3. Product development process and production process merge to one value ceation process
4. Bundling of competence and mandate in autonomous teams


"Consistent R & D" stands for a holistic approach, because it integrates all divisions of the company.

In April 2015, the VDMA published the brochure “industry 4.0 specific - solutions for industrial practice". Also includes the approach of "Consistent R & D", due to the theme and practical relevance.


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