Summary EMO 2019

Deutsche Messe

Last week, EMO Hannover 2019 closed its doors after six days at the fair. From September 16th  to September 21th, around 117,000 international production experts from 150 countries met at the world's leading trade fair for metalworking (source: VDW, Deutsche Messe).

EMO is regarded as the most important trade fair for manufacturers worldwide for global technology in production and for new global trends. You can read about the new developments and trends to be discovered from a technical point of view in our trade fair analysis. The following is an initial outline:

All the major manufacturers have all the necessary machine concepts, automation and software tools at their disposal - so what differentiation is still possible?

From our point of view as well as the discussions held at the trade fair, the basics should not be lost sight of or put back in the foreground.

What increases the profitability of machine tool operators?

A colourful cinema of process monitoring tools is certainly not. Management systems must be replaced by self-optimized part flows.

In our opinion, the optimisation of unit costs is essential:

Topic Optimization approaches

Setup times pre- and post-treatment, process integration

Production time Productivity and accuracy of the machines

Availability Robustness, (proactive) service

lead time for integrated automation concepts.

When all this is seen in relation to the machine price, completely different and new solutions are often created. With this somewhat provocative introduction, we would like to inform you about some of the trends at the trade fair.

You can read our complete summary in German under the following link as a .pdf file.


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